Becky Heptig of Startedat50.com

About Me

I am a recent transplant from Texas, where I lived most of my life, to the mountains of Colorado. My husband of 40 years and I are enjoying our new life of retirement. I have 3 grown children. The oldest is active duty military, the middle is a Structural Engineer and the youngest is a SAHM. All 3 are married and we have 4 grandchildren.

About My Passions

My passions are my relationship with Jesus Christ, my family and my desire to help further the principles of financial literacy. My husband, Stephen, and I did not handle our finances well for many years. It was extremely painful…to the point of putting our marriage in jeopardy. We turned our financial lives around at the age of 50. God did a miracle in our lives and my husband was able to retire at the age of 63. My message to everyone reading my blog is “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!”

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My Hobbies

My husband and I enjoy several hobbies together. Sailing, Snow Skiing, Hiking and Driving Race Cars. (Yes, you read that right!) We each have a Porsche that we drive on the track. I also enjoy Quilting.