Welcome To Started at 50!

First of all, thanks for stopping by and checking us out!  Second, let me tell you a bit about who we are and why I’m writing this blog.  My name is Becky and my husband is Stephen.  We are originally from Texas, and when Stephen retired in 2018 we moved to the mountains of Colorado.  We moved from sea level with heat and humidity to 8500 feet and cold and dry. 

Our Background

Stephen and I spent a big chunk of our adult life making poor choices.  Choices about relationships, parenting and money.  The short version of the story (read the whole story here) is we started living out our faith and our relationship with Jesus Christ in our 40’s. As a result, we started making better choices in our marriage and parenting. 

Believe me, it was baby steps at first, but we gradually made progress.  Then at 50 years old, we started making better choices with our money. 

Our Money Skills

Our skill in handling money comes only from our own experiences and being students of “The School of Hard Knocks.”  But, we have a passion for helping others who are struggling. Either struggling with a lack of knowledge or not starting as early as you should. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to share the basics of sound financial literacy in the framework of our faith.  We want to offer hope to those who don’t know how to start with their finances and are afraid “It’s too late!”

As a little dash of spice, we will throw in some of our experiences in learning how to be retired and learning how to live in the mountains.  It’s beautiful, but does anyone have any oxygen?!

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God. 

Micah 6:8